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Presenting Writer/Director Anna Dudley's new Film, "Jacob's Sound". Below are the air dates!
Anna's Movie Pictures

2/4/03 10:50pm
2/9/03 12:30am
2/20/03 7:10pm
2/22/03 10:30am
All Times ET/PT

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Jacob's Sound is the story of a deaf clown who is in love with a woman he sees year after year at one of his circus stops. Anna Dudley won the 2001 Showtime Black Filmmaker Showcase with her student film "Special Day". Special Day aired 5 times on Showtime as part of being the winner. Also, Showtime gave her $30,000 to make another short film. That film is Jacob's Sound. Jacob's Sound was shot in Wilmington, NC. Over a 100 extras volunteered to be in the spectacular circus scene. Please watch and support an up and coming writer director.






Pictures from "Special Day"
"Special Day won the Showtime Black Filmmaker Showcase!